Monday, 28 January 2013


Sometimes i do question why - certain things happen in life
We're human - we're used to feeling sorry for ourselves right?! - well i hope so..
i look back at my past - and I've learned soo much - i try not to dwell on the opportunities i may have missed and the people i have let go - because it all happens with time...
We outgrow hobbies, outgrow people, outgrow opinions and change is inevitable!

I'm at a crucial point in my life at the moment - getting ready to finish my degree and graduate - there are some exciting things ahead.. and life is moving at such a fast pace!

learn to love those who are there for you, forgive those who hurt you and forget those who left you!

you need to remember - its not always the person you necessarily miss - but the memories you created together.. A real man will never mess up you mascara..

Men are a whole new post all together - sometime in the future..

but for now..
be happy in yourself, learn to let go - i've personally learned - actually "hating" someone takes a lot of effort.. just forgive and forget .. move on and make something of yourself -
the sweetest revenge is your happiness and your ability to leave without a word :)
dont drag yourself down - pick yourself up and get on with it - because no one will do it for you!

Positive Thinking Guys xxx

Love Hard x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Moving Forward..

It's weird isn't it .. how a person soo close to you, can become a stranger soo quickly!
It's weird how you think you know someone so well.. but it isn't until you start learning more about them that you realise you actually really don't know them at all..

People will come and go out of your life.. people will make a fool out of you if you allow them to.. they will hurt you and they will also cause confusion and emptiness to your life..
but you need to stand strong - you need to know who you are.

Everyone gets hurt, you must experience pain to truly treasure something soo special.. it's difficult but true - all you need is time.
We are all able to adjust .. we can if we want to.

You shouldn't be scared of being alone - only when you find yourself happy in your own company - can you truly enjoy another's. - That's what I believe anyway.
Our hearts need time to heal, they need time o adjust..

When you find that someone special - and its REAL.. it will never break, there will always be a bond, a strong bond between 2 people.

Be Hurt, Love Hard, Fall Deep, Don't Fear, Learn.. and most importantly LIVE!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Self Worth..

Okay.. so I understand - my blog isn't the average beauty guru's blog..

I like to make this one an emotional roller-coaster worth of a ride!

Todays topic - SELF - WORTH!

How much exactly do you owe to yourself? If you've been treated wrongly by the opposite sex how far do you take it, until you feel you owe it to yourself to put and end to the relationship?

People act differently in different situations and dependent on the circumstances.

I think my problem is.. and the majority of people in this world - is they don't exactly know that they are worth a lot more than what people give them.
This may be in terms of love, care, attention, respect, understanding, money, status, appreciation etc:

You need to be strong, you need to know yourself.. and I believe that is coming with age, as you learn more and more through life's experiences.
Try never to let yourself go and forget who you are.
Try not to let anyone upset you, try to see clearly when you are being mugged off.

It's not as easy as the word's I type on the page, but learn to respect yourself, before others can respect you.

They are my thoughts and opinions of the day!
Let me know what you think in the comments!

Love You All xxxx

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Do You Ever Regret?

So.. they say you should never regret, i regret things - but I guess that means I learn from them.

Ahh.. So.. I can be a bitch - yes i'm female and I can be an outright bitch sometimes. Especially to those who are closest to me, and those who I Love and adore the most.
I built this trait when I was first "heartbroken" so to speak. Heartbreaks make you stronger, and I always kept my guard up.
Now when I feel threatened, or I'm hurt and want the other party to know I become this psycho bitch - Bad Trait, very bad trait - I don't like making excuses for myself, and I don't want to say it's because of my past.

I'm quite a strong character, very opinionated and very very stubborn. I need change constantly and I need to feel cared for loved for by my partner - who doesn't?!

But I do regret now, looking back, I do wish I wasn't who I am, I do wish I didn't take life soo seriously, and I do wish I could change the past.
I've learnt, I think.. that's the biggest thing.. the first step - actually acknowledging there is a problem with yourself.

I don't want to be this psycho bitch, I don't want to be mood swingey, and from this day forward this all changes..

Basically what I'm trying to say is we all have bad traits, traits that we may not see in us for a while until they are highlighted, until the torch is shone on them. For some of us it may be too late by then.. and we have to live and learn from these bad traits and better ourselves.

I understand.. some say you should never change yourself for someone else.. but if you honestly believe you are hurting the person closest to you, and you acknowledge that it is you and your behaviour that is the problem - then the change needs to happen.

And that is what I start as of today - Change myself for the better, for myself and those around me!

Remember life is something you only get once - I forget that soo many times - i take it too seriously!

Live Fast, Love Hard,
Don't be afraid of pain, we need painful experiences in our life to help us understand.

Nikki xx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Have you ever felt so alone with so many people around you?The closest around you and you still feel like you're in the dark?
No one seems to understand you, not even your other half - and you don't want to say anything because you don't want to look out right stupid.. you don't want to be the "drama - queen"

You haven't got anyone other than yourself and that's what scares you, you strive to be closer to your family, because you want to feel that love once again. Friends who were close have now left and are no longer there and now you're left with no - one.

But you don't need any - one other than yourself.
Past Relationships have passed because they were meant to, they were meant to so you are no longer trapped.. new relationships can be made - new relationships are always being made..

You are never alone - you always have yourself.


love you

Saturday, 7 July 2012

SHIT!! not posted in soo long

Okay so I know I know.. i havent posted in like a year - to be honest i started concentrating more on my youtube page and less on my blog.

My blog isn't what other beauty guru's have where they review products and talk about exactly what they do in their videos, but a personal one. We talk about problems, heart break, happiness and all things closer to our selves on this blog.

So let's start this blog up again !!

Comment below with all your lovely questions, problems, chit chats you want to do ! and ill see what i blog about next.. how's that?

Love You All

Smile x :)

Thursday, 10 November 2011


big word that - "Trust"

I honestly believe you can't trust anyone in this world - you may corner me and call me a pessimist- but it honestly believe it's true..

you can't ever rely or depend on anyone other than yourself - not really not whole heartedly...

i always believe that if your hurting - or someone has hurt you - it's because you've allowed them to.. 'now this is really beginning to sound pessimistic - isn't it?'
you should be in control of yourself and your relationships with those around you, with those closest to you - and you should be able to not 'control' them but be aware.

i deteste people who downgrade themselves for the partners - the one's who give chances after chnaces - you as a human being know your'e own worth and you shoould always treat people as you would like to be treated - it's something quite close to my heart..

if you know your prone to get hurt - i'm not saying you should run, and im not saying you should 'quit' but you should leave because you deserve better.

awrghh i guess...
all i'm really trying to say is you should know you're own worth and you should always know that you don't deserve lower - you deserve the very best !